We provide skilled manpower, knowledge, and tools to support your projects that need electrical, fire, and security systems.

Electrical Contractor

Save time and complete projects efficiently with support for your electrical jobs, including roughing in, wiring rough-in to complete installation of fixtures and devices, and commissioning the system for long-term monitoring.

  • Full Service. If you’ve taken on a large project and don’t want to worry about roughing in electrical or setting up fire and security systems, GTO Electrical Systems is a great partner. We will be there through every phase of the project to rough in the wiring, install the devices, commission the system, and continue to monitor the system. Even once the project is finished, we’re available to provide maintenance and repairs to your valued customers.
  • Gear Packages. If you are looking for support to rough in wiring and set up systems for your job, we’ve got everything you need. We’ll provide the devices, plans, and wire to complete your fire alarm or security project. Once everything is installed, we’re available to commission and monitor the system for your customer.
  • Electrical Systems. If you need help troubleshooting an electrical system or a bit of extra labor to help complete a project, don’t hesitate to reach out. We offer general services and support to get your job done on time.

General Contractor

Get your jobs done on time and on budget with our highly trained electrical team, available to setup, troubleshoot, and maintain your systems. We understand the complexities of managing projects and are available for bid or quote based projects.

  • Bids. For larger projects requiring fire alarm, security, and electrical work, tell us a bit more about the job and we’ll return a bid promptly.
  • Quotes. For smaller projects or projects needing immediate attention, we can provide a quote for quick turnaround work.

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